Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Growing Anti-family Movement

America, it would seem, is becoming more and more anti-family. Multiple companies were pioneers, by insisting on insurance benefits for gay partners. Massachusetts and California were all too happy to circumvent that which is good and natural for that which goes against nature: gay marriage. Now Hallmark has joined the "Extraordinary League of the Perverted." Believe it or not, you can buy gay marriage cards made by this once family-friendly company.

It's their legal right to join the ranks of perversion. It's my legal right to shop there no longer, so long as they offer such products.

When will this kind of thing stop? When we, the church, turn from OUR wicked ways and seek the Lord.

Anti-family is anti-God, anti-Christ. America is comfortable in being that way because we no longer make America uncomfortable when they wallow in sin. How can we, if we wallow in it alongside them?

Join me in praying for revival in the land. It's only then that we will see a positive change in America.