Monday, April 26, 2010

My Car Is too Smart!

In our transition to the United States and a new ministry, we have had to purchase a vehicle; before it is over, we will have purchased two vehicles. The first one we purchased has demonstrated to me the fact we both knew: time and technology did not stop while we were overseas for the past several years. In fact, I discovered that my car is far too smart. Its information center tells the driver so many things that we never figured we would need to know. Because I am easily fascinated with technolgy, I keep mashing the information button to see what it will tell me next. But when the car began to base oil changes, not on mileage, but on engine revolutions, well, that was too much. I am most certainly impressed by these things that are now at least four years old, but new to me.

We should be so easily fascinated by the things of God. Walking in the newness of life is one of those things of which we should never grow weary.

Lose some sophistication; let the Christian life become fascinating--as fascinating as smart cars!