Friday, October 10, 2008

Which Way, America? (pt. 2)

The news is finally all over the story of Bill Ayers and Barak Obama. Obama now (according to radio sources) claims he thought Ayers was rehabilitated. That means he knew about his past and still chose to use Ayer's home to launch his state campaign in Illinois. But get the point of the above statement. Mr. Obama has flip-flopped yet once more regarding his relationships with those who have a penchant for hating your America. First, they were casual acquaintances; now he thought he was rehabilitated. If that is true, this man is among the most naive to ever run for the presidency. That level of judgment on his part should frighten us all away from him.

Who else supports Obama for president? Among others, a man named Terrence Bean. Read about Mr. Bean here. [caution: the previous link is to a PG-13 article, filled with disturbing news]
Let's not forget our old friend, that racist Louis Farrakhan. What does he believe about Obama? He said that when Obama speaks, the Messiah is speaking. For Farrakhan, Obama is the voice of the Messiah. Are you frightened by that? You should be!

Do we want a president who is supported by the porn industry? I don't! Do you want a man who is lauded by one of America's most notorious hate-mongers? I don't! Vote, but choose wisely. A vote for Obama is a vote for more smut and more perversion. A vote for Obama is a vote for socialism. A vote for Obama is a vote for hatred and division.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Which Way, America?

America is at a crossroads. We have been there before. This crossroads, though, may be one of the most crucial of all times.

America will make choice soon. We will choose whether our wallets control us, or whether we are still a people of reasonable judgment. I fear the choice we will make. I pray for reason, not finances, to prevail. There are a few choices out there for leadership that may be able to make a reasonable difference in America's future, both economically and morally reasonable. There is one choice that is plain immoral. That choice is Barak Obama. He lacks judgment. He is duplicitous. He is dangerous.

Consider the following factual item:

Though the above video is a pro-McCain video, it's not so much I am for him as it is that I am against any voice of insanity, no matter the political affiliation. But the choice for president will come down to McCain or Obama; we have to be realistic here. And given the choice between those two, if we choose to become an Obama-nation, I fear the final consequences.

My desire is for revival and repentance in America. Perhaps we need to do something stupid like vote for Obama. Perhaps that is the only way we will finally come to our knees and repent.

Before we do, though, please consider that this election includes more than the economy. This president will probably appoint 2 or 3 Supreme Court justices. Obama will choose activist judges, both on the S.C., as well as lower courts. We will reap the consequences for a very long time.

This election is not about the economy. To rephrase a former campaign slogan, "It's NOT the economy, stupid." It's the moral direction of our nation. Please be aware of that. Please choose your candidate with discernment, not with dollars.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

An American Carol: What Message Does It Send?

There is a new movie coming out; it's called an American Carol. I just read an article about it here. If I were in the USA, I would watch it. Why? Because of one statement by one of the pseudo-intellectual elitists that mainstream media portray as a voice of reason in America. His name is Maher; Bill Maher. He allegedly said, "We are a nation that is unenlightened because of religion. I do believe that -- I think religion stops people from thinking. I think it justifies crazies." Shades of Karl Marx!

Maher and his kind represent the intellectual stupidity and spiritual deception that Paul wrote of in Romans 1:22 - "Professing to be wise, they became fools...," Why? Paul said in the verse prior to this, that their foolish heart was darkened. They refused to acknowledge God.

So go see this movie. Go see it and make your stand for Jesus Christ.