Friday, September 04, 2009

God at Work in Muslim Nations


The conversation reported below took place during June, 2009, in a Muslim nation.

A pastor here was visited by a Muslim asking prayer for sleeplessness. He reported being awakened every day for ten months by voices saying, “Wake up, wake up!”

When asked what had happened, he related a dream he had ten months ago. Two angels picked him up from his bed and took him to the foot of the cross. There he saw the women who were watching Jesus’ crucifixion, the Roman soldiers in their armor, a spear that was used to pierce Jesus’ side, and the crucifixion itself. He saw nails driven into His hands and that His blood was used to write the sign over His head. When asked if he had ever read the Gospels, the reply was “No, I am a Muslim.” He affirmed repeatedly that Jesus was indeed crucified.

The angels picked him up and took him to a beautiful place in Heaven, so beautiful that all the architects on earth could not have designed even a small part of it. There he was visited by a man dressed in white with light shining all around him whose face he could not see. The man offered him a bowl of beautiful fruit and told him that he should go and share the fruit with everyone.

He was then picked up again and taken below the bottom of a very deep hole at a Muslim holy site in Iran where he could hear the voice of the ruler of Hell shouting that he would still rule the earth. And he was finally taken back to his bed.

Two pastors heard the telling of the dream, then told him that God was telling him he had to make a choice. His reply was, “I’m a Muslim. I’m a Muslim.” Each day since, he has been awakened to reconsider the dream. He has been given a Bible and told to read for himself.

If God is beginning to shake those whom He wants to have as Muslim evangelists, we are truly in a new day. Pray for more such dreams and visions. Pray for more evangelists from within the church and from outside, in numbers like we've never seen. And pray for the church to be made ready to receive men and women like Cengiz (not his real name) when he and they come to Christ.