Thursday, December 17, 2009

May It Never Be!

The desperate Demmies in Washington have planned a nasty Christmas for you. They want healthcare passed on Christmas Eve. Why such a rush? Why the hurry? Here is one opinion: they have more taxes they need to impose on Americans. Did you know that they have not even allowed the Senate bill to be seen outside of Mr. Reid's private circle? If you are American, your senators have not even seen that bill! And they want to vote on it! They need to force it down your throat before you discover how damaging it will be for you.

I have another opinion, not that men like Mr. Limbaugh are necessarily wrong. My opinion is that the ultraliberal democrat party members believe that they have finally arrived and that now is the time to impose their socialist agenda on America.

Why is that a problem? It denies the foundational principles that have been a part of America for well over 200 years. And one of those principles is the God principle. That is, God Almighty is to be at the heart of any well-governed nation. Socialism and freedom through Christ do not mix. They are antithetical. And there is no synthesis that can lead to anything righteous. Anywhere such a synthesis has been attempted has resulted in such a secular humanist society that Christianity is actually bound and prohibited in much of public life. Oh, wait! Now it sounds like what America is becoming!

Many oppose the healthcare bill for economic reasons. Me? It's a matter of righteousness. So I am praying against this thing. Please join me in praying against another move towards the fall of America.

Copenhagen 2009: What's it all about?

You want to know what the summit on climate change is about? Look at who gets the hearty applause: none other than the likes of Hugo Chavez.

Folks this meeting is not about climate change--not the kind you are thinking about. It's a climate change, to be sure. The perpetrators want to globalize the nation. They want the wealth of Australia, New Zealand, the US, England, Canada, France--anywhere that has even the slightest semblance of capitalistic ideology--to be seized and passed on to the rest of the world.

To sign on to Copenhagen 2009 means signing away the sovereignty of one's nation.

Beware the buyer!

Was it a Revival?

Last Sunday I took a trip to a city north of here, not far from the equator. I had promised to make this trip and speak to the leadership and church in this particular city. I had also heard for a long time what an exciting thing was going on up that way. So I was looking forward to this trip. Sort of.

The night before I took my bride to the airport so she could celebrate Christmas with our girls and our grandson. When I got home at ten, my neighbors had cranked up a party. As it so happens with such parties, the music grew louder and louder as the alcohol bottles grew emptier and emptier. Sleep was not going to come.

I had to leave the house at 2:30, anyway; so I got on up and headed to the airport for my 4 AM flight. It should be against the law to fly at that hour. It means being up all night for most of us. I mean, I don't live there; I don't even live close to the airport. So, with no sleep to rest my eyes, off I went, arriving at my destination at 5:30. There is not a lot one can do at 5:30 AM. But I had investigated and found a 4-star hotel there with a nice breakfast buffet. And off I went, polishing off a nice breakfast and settling in on a very comfortable leather couch. There, I managed a thirty-minute nap to give my brain a rest before preaching.

The time finally crawled on to the hour the local pastor said he would get me from the nice hotel. The pastor showed up and drove me to the rented facility. His church would not hold all the leaders that would be there. I asked how many would be there; he told me only about 4oo, or more. This was their "small" meeting. Now for you megachurch types, that may be small. But these are missionaries and lay preachers, plus cell group leaders. It's quite a sight.

I watched and listened as the pastor called forward each one of these. This is where I was so impressed. This church has started 31 churches over the past 10 or 15 years. Thirty-one. They train a leader and head out to a new village or community. There they preach the gospel and let God go to work.

I am amazed at their response. They are hungry for the things of God and want to be more involved. Is that revival? Is that what I saw? Or is it just simple obedience--the church being the church?

Whichever it may be, we should all be so motivated by the things of God. They get excited over spiritual things. Do you? When they are stirred, they do something about it. Do yo? Do I?

It was a great ending to an exciting year. May we see yet more of it next year!