Thursday, December 17, 2009

May It Never Be!

The desperate Demmies in Washington have planned a nasty Christmas for you. They want healthcare passed on Christmas Eve. Why such a rush? Why the hurry? Here is one opinion: they have more taxes they need to impose on Americans. Did you know that they have not even allowed the Senate bill to be seen outside of Mr. Reid's private circle? If you are American, your senators have not even seen that bill! And they want to vote on it! They need to force it down your throat before you discover how damaging it will be for you.

I have another opinion, not that men like Mr. Limbaugh are necessarily wrong. My opinion is that the ultraliberal democrat party members believe that they have finally arrived and that now is the time to impose their socialist agenda on America.

Why is that a problem? It denies the foundational principles that have been a part of America for well over 200 years. And one of those principles is the God principle. That is, God Almighty is to be at the heart of any well-governed nation. Socialism and freedom through Christ do not mix. They are antithetical. And there is no synthesis that can lead to anything righteous. Anywhere such a synthesis has been attempted has resulted in such a secular humanist society that Christianity is actually bound and prohibited in much of public life. Oh, wait! Now it sounds like what America is becoming!

Many oppose the healthcare bill for economic reasons. Me? It's a matter of righteousness. So I am praying against this thing. Please join me in praying against another move towards the fall of America.

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