Friday, February 13, 2009

I've Been Stimulated!

I have to divert from my intended purposes and expose something going on up there, in that place called Washington, in the building called, "the Capitol." I am as tired of this subject as most of you are. But I have to point this out, because what I know has stimulated me. Yes, I have been stimulated!

Our congress--both houses--has voted, or is voting, on the infamous "stimulus bill." But they are (READ THIS CAREFULLY!) VOTING ON A BILL THEY KNOW LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT! Would you sign a contract for a new house or car without knowing what it said?

You should be outraged. They are socializing your health care, socializing your commerce, and creating a debt your grandchildren will be paying for years to come. There is so much of a socialist agenda hidden in this so-called recovery package that you will not recognize your country once it passes. It's downright sinister!

It may be too late to point this out to you. But perhaps you can still contact your house or senate members and admonish them to vote this carefully crafted communist bill out of existence. This is no exaggeration, folks. This bill will mean the end of many important values you carry as a free American. Your freedom is at stake.

These men and women asked us to trust them. We did. Now they prove that they think we are so stupid we would allow them to vote in such a way. Please, please, please; don't let this happen.

God help America in this dark hour of the blind leading the blind.