Friday, February 13, 2009

I've Been Stimulated!

I have to divert from my intended purposes and expose something going on up there, in that place called Washington, in the building called, "the Capitol." I am as tired of this subject as most of you are. But I have to point this out, because what I know has stimulated me. Yes, I have been stimulated!

Our congress--both houses--has voted, or is voting, on the infamous "stimulus bill." But they are (READ THIS CAREFULLY!) VOTING ON A BILL THEY KNOW LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT! Would you sign a contract for a new house or car without knowing what it said?

You should be outraged. They are socializing your health care, socializing your commerce, and creating a debt your grandchildren will be paying for years to come. There is so much of a socialist agenda hidden in this so-called recovery package that you will not recognize your country once it passes. It's downright sinister!

It may be too late to point this out to you. But perhaps you can still contact your house or senate members and admonish them to vote this carefully crafted communist bill out of existence. This is no exaggeration, folks. This bill will mean the end of many important values you carry as a free American. Your freedom is at stake.

These men and women asked us to trust them. We did. Now they prove that they think we are so stupid we would allow them to vote in such a way. Please, please, please; don't let this happen.

God help America in this dark hour of the blind leading the blind.


Hunter Barrington said...

I don't think it's the blind leading the blind at all. They know what they are paying for to a very reasonable degree. You don't have to read the whole thing to get a very good sense of what's going on, and President Obama has been briefing them and working with them on the package.

When you buy a car do you read all the fine print on the loan agreement? Probably not, and if you do more power to you, but most times it's not practical. Trust is a reasonable measure to take when attempting to get things done in order to make people's lives better.

If you think the bill is unconstitutional or degrading to our country I'd have to disagree. It has a lot of potential to secure people who's livelihoods are in trouble.

I don't understand the negative view of socialism. Does it work at a national level? No, of course not. You and I both know that people are fallen and socialism can't work in practice. Theoretically it's very similar to Christianity and the church could be one of the few socialist experiments that still works (hopefully it will continue to do so). But I think a little socialism at the government level now and then isn't an awful thing, it just needs to be done carefully.

I can see how this bill can be associated with socialism, but even then it's not as much as you might think. A lot of the money is going towards giving people jobs, not directly to people. It's empowering and improving the greater good (infrastructure, research, education, etc.) not welfare to those who are lazy. The biggest amount is going toward tax relief of those who can't afford to pay taxes because of bad circumstances. No money is just being handed out from what I can see.
a copy of the bill
the potential for true accountability with money for the first time in a long time (if not ever)

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Hello, Hunter,

Actually, yes, I do read the loan contracts. I even read end use agreements on software, if it is something I have not used before. :-)

The bill is not a stimulus bill, Hunter. It is the Democrat (and now, thanks to 3 Repub senators from the northern coalition, it has a RINO flavor to it) pork bill. Very little of the bill is intended to stimulate the economy. One man said that 7% of this is stimulus. That means 93% is just stuff that Congress wants to spend.

As to the stimulus part of the bill, this is the same philosphy that FDR tried in his presidency: throw as much out there as you can and something might work; it's a scatter-gun approach to a serious problem. It did not work then; it prolonged the depression, according to economists who have studied this.

This "stimulus" is going to put about $13 in your pocket each week. But they (perhaps just on the state and local levels) are raising other taxes in other areas, so you will not see that in terms of real savings.

The non-stimulus part includes some health-care control that I don't want the government messing with. They now have the power over your medical records; all of them must be submitted electronically and overseen by the Feds. MDs who do not participate in this plan to socialize you medical records will be fined.

The welfare reform has been changed, as well. It's now going to be more conducive to be on welfare than to work, which is how it was for too many years before Reagan and others (including Bill Clinton) entered office.

What is wrong with socialism? If I choose to give you a part of my income because you have a need, that is my prerogative. But socialism mandates that we do so, via the tax system. Historically, socialism has discouraged productivity. Historically, socialism foments dependence, not creativity. I don't believe it is correct to compare Christianity to socialism. One is done out of a free will and compassion; the other is done out of governmental compulsion. Even in the case of the NT believers, Paul had to correct the philosphy among the Thessalonians, telling them that if a man does not work, neither shall he eat. He told the Ephesians to work, as well. The OT speaks of idleness as a sin. The OT principle in their agrarian society was to allow the underprivileged to come into the fields and harvest in the corners of the fields; but the underprivileged had to gather it on their own. It was not handed to them. Our system hands it to the people, whether they have worked or not.

My great fear is that my children and grandchildren will be paying for this error for years to come. Dear friend, your taxes are going to be so high you won't be able to breathe. Not this year, or even next year; but it's coming! And that, Hunter, is the result of socialistic policies.

Have a blessed day,


Hunter Barrington said...

I appreciate the response. It definitely made me think and I'll have to come back to it sometime when I'm not studying 6 chapters of Neuroscience :)

I guess for now I'll have to agree to disagree and maybe I'll post back next week when I've had time to think and research some of the facts.
Later Kevin and God bless you and your work

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Neuroscience, huh? That's impressive. I knew you were an intellectual giant; now you have demonstrated it.

While you are studying, Hunter, read the following article I found today:

Have a blessed rest of the week.

Hunter Barrington said...

haha, I don't think I've ever been referred to as an intellectual giant, thanks :)

I'll read that link now. I still plan on coming back to this sometime but school eats up so much time its ridiculous... maybe tomorrow.