Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yet Another Example of "Peace"

A Christian man boarded a bus for a planned trip. Along the way, the bus stopped in a remote village. The man ordered tea. When he tried to pay, the owner noticed the customer's cross. The man was beaten to death for drinking from a cup designated for Muslims. Fellow travelers tried to intervene, taking the wounded man to a clinic, but this so-called "peaceful" religion claimed yet another life.

While America's insistence on tolerance is far beyond the biblical doctrine of the same, this kind of intolerance is sickening. Such hatred should be punished quickly and severely. If it is true that Islam is a religion of peace, why so many stories of murder, rape, incarceration, ad nauseum? Why such a distaste for Christians and Jews, along with other non-Muslims?

Pray for the Muslim world. Pray they come to the feet of the one and only Lord, the Lord Jesus Christ, God-incarnate, Savior of mankind.