Friday, June 26, 2015

SCOTUS, Thy Name is Treason and a Millstone Awaits Thee

Our hearts were crushed today. We had held out hope against hope that some modicum of wisdom still prevailed in the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). They ably demonstrated, however, that their minds and hearts have been darkened by the god of this world, the prince of the power of the air. No man or woman with common sense can possibly look at any body of thought and conclude that marriage must be redefined. But one who follows the twisted, dark, ungodly logic of the prince of the power of the air will most certainly swim in the cesspool of perversion of thought that 5 justices chose to swim in.

At great risk and personal peril, in a time when 1st Amendment rights have been sorely erode and expunged from society, I say that at least 5 of our SCOTUS justices will face the fierce, unrelenting wrath of God, unless they repent and confess Jesus Christ as Lord. I do not say this with vitriol. I speak it with a broken heart. The Holy Spirit who lives within me is grieved. As a consequence, I am grieved, albeit not to the extent He is.

That being said, I issue a warning straight from Jesus' mouth: 1He said to His disciples, "It is inevitable that stumbling blocks come, but woe to him through whom they come! 2"It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that he would cause one of these little ones to stumble.

Dishonorable Justices, you have caused many to stumble today. I admonish you to repent. Repent or perish.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Worshipping Jesus

I want to take you to a passage in John 12 that I hope will speak to your heart. It's about worship. It's about loving Jesus. In case someone gets confused, I am speaking about the Lord Jesus Christ, the one true Savior. The one born of a virgin. The one who died on the cross and was raised from the dead. I hope this blesses you...

Our text is that period of time between the end of Jesus’ public ministry and the triumphant entry into Jerusalem. When we see Jesus in Bethany, he has already been to Jericho where he healed Bartimaeus and saved Zacchaeus. Now we are at the home of the one they call Simon the Leper. Lazarus is one of the ones at the meal. What we are about to see is a thing of beauty. We are about to see two acts of worship, both done in very different ways; but both are perfectly appropriate according to God’s work in the hearts of each worshipper.
V1, 2 – Martha serves. I am not sure I would have seen this if I had not been in Rom. 12 today, preparing a devotional guide for our mission team to Peru. And on the drive over I heard a Bible teacher speaking of Romans 12 in his lesson. So my mind has been guided through some great words today. Look at them: I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 
So Martha showed her gratitude and worship the best way she knew how. Did she understand everything that was about to happen? We don’t know. But we know she served. Why is this significant? I mean, I am speaking to a group of people who have served up many a meal. It’s common for us. So what’s the big deal? There is a strong likelihood that Martha, Mary, and Lazarus were of sufficient means as to have servants to do this. After all, they had one who could work as a messenger in John 11.
But they aren’t the ones we see dishing out the food. It’s Martha. She is serving. Service is a good form of worship when it is done with joy and without complaining. The last time we saw Martha serving she complained about Mary not serving. The only thing her complaint got her was a rebuke from Jesus. So now here she is. Serving. With no words of complaint. No fussing that she is doing this alone. No fussing over being recognized. She is just serving.
V3 – Mary sacrificed. She poured out onto the Lord Jesus in one minute what it would take most people one year to earn. I don’t know how much that would be, maybe $20,000 in today’s average wages; maybe as much as $40,000. But I do know that even at that the low end of that, by the world’s standards, the sacrifice would be astounding for any of us. It begs the question, ladies and gents: how much is Jesus worth to you? Is He worth 10%? Is He worth more, or less? Is He worth your service? Remember, Martha served.
How much is the kingdom of God worth? What about the gospel?
There’s Jesus, reclining in the Middle-Eastern fashion around the dinner table. There is Mary, on her knees before Jesus, wiping his feet with her hair. Once more, this speaks volumes to me—more than I can possibly put into words. Slaves washed feet, not sisters of honored guests. Slaves touched nasty feet that had plodded across dusty trails. Mary takes her hair, which is her crown of glory, according to Scripture, and she uses it like a rag on the feet of Jesus. All the glory you have is only good enough to wash the feet of Jesus.
The fragrance of her sacrifice and worship filled the room. Let me ask you, when you worship each week, what fragrance fills the room? Is it the fragrance of presenting yourselves a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God? Or is it the fragrance of the “let’s get on with it” mentality of today’s society? I’m ashamed to say I have been guilty of uncorking a bottle of hurry-this-up anointing oil and stinking up the room with it.
V4-6 – The fragrance filled the room and the disciples smelled it. Especially Judas. And Judas wasn’t happy. Where others smelled the fragrance of devotion, Judas smelled the fragrance of denarii. Others saw and act of worship. Judas called it a waste. Some people feel that way about making any sacrifice to the Lord. To them, it is a total waste. It costs too much. It’s a waste to give one’s life to share the gospel across the seas. It costs too much to be involved in the things of God. It’s a waste to give tithes to a local church. It’s a waste to invest in the kingdom of God. Judas’ claim was without foundation; he was a lying, selfish thief. His pious words were really carefully disguised poison, meant to profit himself.

V7, 8 – Jesus gave a well-placed rebuke and a well-stated reminder to us. The rebuke serves to keep the focus on Jesus. The reminder is to teach us to take every advantage of the opportunity before us to worship Christ with all our mind, soul, heart, and strength. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Can We Clarify Marriage?

This next week is a big week in our part of the world. It may not seem big. In fact, for many, it would not even be a ripple on the water. But it's bigger than many may realize. Our great church is hosting a conference regarding the sanctity of marriage. See the information in this flyer:

I can't tell you how important the timing of the conference is. On April 28th the Supreme Court of the United States, will hear oral arguments regarding same-sex marriage. America has had 20 years of bombardment of television and movies, not to mention the push by main stream media pundits, all of which have tried to paint this normal view of the same sex lifestyle. An entire generation has been conditioned to see such lifestyles as normal. Are they? What does the Bible say about these and other lifestyles that have surfaced since then?

If in or near Hattiesburg, MS, come find out. Otherwise, sometime after the conference you will be able to watch the recorded sessions on our website:

I hope to see some of you there.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Tyranny of an Unchecked Government

Recent headline news surrounding the same-sex movement in America includes a story out of Houston, declaring that its lesbian mayor and what can only be an activist judge has issued subpoenas against key pastors in demands that they turn over their sermons that may mention homosexuality and/or the mayor herself.

I wonder if Houston knew what they were getting into when they decided to show America how tolerant they were by electing this woman to be their  mayor? I wonder if Houston ever dreamed they would be in the national news for such a tyrannical act as has been perpetrated by this woman and her disdain for the Christian church?

Americans have so long ignored the dirty fingers pulling at the threads of the garments of freedom that they have been caught by surprise by this woman's actions. So many have warned America that her foundational principles of freedom were being systematically attacked. If it is not free speech, then it is the right to keep and bear arms. If it is not the right to keep and bear arms, then it is the protection from illegal search and seizure. If this group or the other espouse conservative doctrine, count on an audit from the IRS.

I hope that Mayor Annise Parker has awakened this nation to the tyranny of an unchecked government. I hope that she has lit the match that creates a fire of freedom from the tyranny of this government--one that burns from coast to coast. If so, thank you Madam Mayor. Your foolish threats against Houston's pulpits has awakened many.

Wake up, America! You may still be able to wrest away from the purveyors of perversion the powers that now rests in their hands. Perhaps, God willing, it is not too late.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Another Nail in the Coffin

I could not state more eloquently the results of today's news from SCOTUS than did Dr. Al Mohler in his latest op ed. Still, something more must be said than has been said.

For more than 60 years there has been in the United States a systematic attack on the most essential component of a nation and its society: the family. Those who think this is simply societal evolution at work are blind to the truth. I am about to step in it big time; but if I go down, I am going down swinging.

First, the standard model of the family unit (not perfect by any stretch of the imagination) changed when the breadwinner of the family changed from singular to plural. I want us to get our minds onto the same page, so we need to think sociologically and (more importantly) spiritually, and not economically. Fewer and fewer children had a parent at home when they finished school for the day. More and more children went home to an empty house. More and more children began to be supervised in after-care programs and by the new rage in media, the television.

Second, a closet organization working for same-sex rights began to quietly place into motion one of the most sinister plans to hit these United States. The second piece moved in this game of spiritual chess was the one designated as equal rights. Long before the equal rights amendment was debated in the public forum, the concept of lack of equal rights was talked up in small, but influential circles. Soon it became the mantra of angry, hormone-laden young people of the '60's. That's right, ladies; some of you were used to further Satan's agenda to destroy this nation (not to say we men were not!).

Third, there needed to be an expected right to privacy. America wanted to bow down before the false god of Molech, just as they had already begun to bow before Baal and would soon bow before Ashtoreth. They needed to be convinced to sacrifice their babies. Why? Was it just to exterminate babies through the most heinous act of infanticide in the history of the world? Or was something else at work, as well? Yes, something more was at work.

The small, but influential group of homosexual activists began their work on societal mores. They had to remove the stigma of homosexuality; the right to privacy was just one piece of that. These purveyors of perversion knew they did not have the voice of the churches, or of mainstream America. But if they could achieve a backdoor coup and convince the "scientific community" (I use that phrase loosely) to make some changes, then America would eventually follow. Their target? The psychiatrists and psychologists. Get them to declare same-sex attraction to be normal and we will be well on our way. And, as we all know, they succeeded. The genie was out of the bottle. Those preachers who claimed that same-sex attraction was a deviation from God's norm and God's standard now stood against the finest minds of the 20th Century.

Fourth, they had to convince the nation to strike down sodomy laws. One by one states dropped those laws; after all, there is a constitutionally protected reasonable right to privacy, right? Wrong! Wrong! and Wrong again! The logic of such is ridiculously flawed. That will have to be a discussion for another time.

This is the time that equal rights needed to resurface. America has been softened to the shock of sinful behavior. After all, divorce is now so commonplace that most homes do not resemble the once beautiful family unit. Television and Hollywood have conditioned us to see positive role models of same-sex couples. And, if that were not enough, the now small and very powerful same-sex community has purchased enough votes and frightened enough politicians to have their people in high places in government; these same cowards appointed and approved pro-same-sex judges, who are hard at work. Now we need to speak about same-sex equality.

If the same-sex communities can find enough people to challenge marriage laws, they would now have enough judges to make asinine rulings and legislate from the bench the right to same-sex marriage. They found them and the judges, while fondling their fleeting power, made the rulings they were hoped to make. Today's decision by SCOTUS to not hear the cases was an act of cowardice and a perpetration of treason against the family unit and maybe even this nation.

Get ready, people. It won't be long before every state has to follow suit. Ready yourselves, pastors. It won't be long before you will be tested. Be ready, churches. You are about to be challenged in court to try to require you to accept same-sex couples, allowing them the use of your facilities for their marriages. Write into your statements of faith your convictions about that subject. And be inclusive in your language. Describe a man as a man born a man, and a woman as a woman born a woman.

Weep, America. The Supreme Court of the United States just drove a same-sex nail into your coffin.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hate the Sin

Mississippi is in the news. Not like Missouri is at the moment; but we are in the news. We are on a Showtime documentary, L Mississippi: Hate the Sin. I have not seen their work, but I know about it. I was one of the "sin haters" that was filmed. The final product that appeared on Showtime was not what we were led to believe would be produced--not that any of us are surprised. The final product appears to be far less objective than the named director claims. And I am not surprised.

In this post that will be read by a few, I want to reiterate the truth of God's word and hold that truth up to the supposed facts that  L Mississippi: Hate the Sin claims to be true. I also want to explain my purpose in this post, as opposed to something a little more current (like Ferguson, MO): my research did not turn up one positive pro-Christian post about this subject. Christians, thus far, have been largely silent. So let me share my perspective.

First, the feature pastor, Randy Cofield, is given a bad name in the trailer for this documentary, when the film editors skillfully edited his comments to make him look like a madman. Just watch the trailer in the link above and you will see what I mean. Pastor Cofield has a great burden to penetrate lostness--all lostness--with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is a man of great compassion, but one whose biblical standards do not waiver. So, for Pastor Cofield (and many, many more of us), right is right and wrong is wrong. Please let me go into depth on that premise.

The foundational truth on which I base this premise is found in the Old Testament book of the Psalms. Ps. 119:89 says, "Forever, O Lord, is your word settled in heaven." In case you need that stated in other words, consider this: whatever God says in the Bible stands as permanently established truth. Jesus himself said that not one single stroke of the Law would pass away until all is fulfilled (Mt. 5:18). What God says stands.

So what exactly has God said about sin? He tells those who love the Lord to hate evil (Ps. 97:10). He tells us that our love should be without hypocrisy; that we should abhor that which is evil and cling to that which is good (Ro. 12:9). Guess who gets to decide what is good and what is evil? You go it! God does. Not I; not you; not my preferences, my lifestyle choices; not my wishes and wants; God, the Sovereign, the Most Holy, the Righteous One, gets to determine what is good and evil.

When Pastor Cofield and others (such as I) take a stand against sin and for righteousness, you should not be surprised. And when those who delight in sin and take a stand against righteousness, the Christian community should neither cower in the corner, nor be surprised that they have followed their nature. It is, after all, the nature of the unregenerate heart of man and woman to oppose godly standards. The flesh wars against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh (Gal. 5:17).

If you watch  L Mississippi: Hate the Sin you need to consider that it was produced from the standpoint of those who hate God's righteous standards, no matter what they may pretend to claim in the documentary. You should also be warned that it is advertised as rated TV MA for language and adult themes.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Journey through the Streets of Arequipa, Peru

It's day 7 of a fast week of ministry in Southern Peru. The city of Arequipa has been my favorite place in all of Peru and all of the years we lived here. Somewhere in this city they have buried my heart, because it was ripped out when I left here many years ago. God has been good and allowed me to return more than once. This is the first time, though, in five years. Things changed in the past five years, too.

First, for some unknown and strange reason, there seems to be much less oxygen to breathe! The first day I trudged up the stairs to my third-floor room I was sucking in a lot of oxygen-deprived air, hoping for some relief for my aching lungs. That's okay; it's normal. Then came days two, three, and four. Hmm..., I thought I would be acclimated by now. The other days have come and gone, including today. The air is still as rarefied as it ever was! Could that have something to do with age?? Surely not I!

Faces have changed. There were still plenty of the same faces in many of the places I went. But there were also very many new faces among the churches I visited. That's a good thing. New faces mean churches are being the church. New faces mean new opportunities to create new friendships. It was an exciting change to experience.

Some of the streets have changed. The city government has revitalized areas once owned by drug lords. I walked down peaceful, lovely, quiet streets that even seven years ago people would not have dared enter. It made for a beautiful experience.

The gospel has spread all across the city. That would also account for changes in the city. People who know Christ are more peaceful and joyful, as a rule. To be sure, there are scores of churchless communities that have cropped up; Arequipa continues to grow at a fast pace. I was glad to see and hear firsthand of the plans to penetrate these unreached communities.

Now I am just a few hours away from my final night of teaching. This last session will be followed by a race to the airport to catch my flights out of Peru. I will miss it again. But I will be more than happy to be back in the field God has given me to work in these days of my life.

After all, that's what drives me. That is what I live for: to please Him.