Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Make the Main Thing the Main Thing

Happy New Year. Once I discovered how to persuade my newly-installed internet filter to allow me to access blogs, I proceeded to read some that I particularly enjoy. One of those blogs presented an interesting apologetic regarding the direction of the SBC (I intentionally left out the name and address of that blog). As I waded through this man's observations, I kept coming back to a fundamental problem, one that supercedes the potential ones that I read about.

The problem that prevails in my mind is the fact that far too many Southern Baptist churches did not baptize anyone last year. Far too many more only baptized a handful. Here is what I see and think: the local churches have fallen out of love with Jesus. I am not convinced a man is called to a church to make that church appealing to his community. We are in a struggle against the darkness, against the world. A pastor is not around to make his church attractive to the world. He is called to a church to lead that church to win the lost, disciple those converts, to expand the kingdom of God through missions, and to glorify the King of kings. He is called to be salt and light, and to fill the salt shaker so that more of that salt can be scattered around the world.

That impacts me down here in South America far more than some may realize. At some point in the next 15 years, someone will be called upon to take my place. If we are not winning more, who will come stand in the gap in places where the gospel has yet to take root?

I believe that one of the many things that must take place in the SBC is a renewed passion for Jesus, which will result in a renewed passion for the lost. When David should have gone to battle, he stayed behind. The result was his sin with Bathsheba. When Southern Baptists should be going to battle for lost souls, we are spending a lot of time inspecting one another's baggage. Nothing positive will come of it.

I appreciate and share the concerns for the best future for the SBC. But let's get on with making the main thing the main thing.


GuyMuse said...

I agree with your assesment, Kevin. We seem to be distracted on every side by various and sundry issues. The enemy has us so preoccupied with an assortment of other stuff that the main thing gets relegated to a side issue. I am becoming increasingly discouraged by all the attention to politics and very little to what God is doing around the world.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


We are far too interested in expounding our own point of view, aren't we? I can't help but recall what Jesus told the disciples: whoever is not against me is for me. And then what he told Peter, regarding John: what is that to you? You follow me! I hope to make Phil. 3:10-12 my verses for this year. If I do that, I won't have time to be looking in everyone else's underwear drawer.

Anonymous said...

wow, as always, what you write is refreshing. going to a Christian school its pretty easy to get into the every day normal routine, once again you've reminded me of whats important. im doing a class for my youth group on evangelism, i might have to quote you if thats all right. its amazing how often we get distracted by the enemy, and forget about the core of Christianity, sharing God's love