Thursday, April 19, 2007


In my last post I spoke of a young man we took to the hospital. I learned yesterday that the young man had tried to commit suicide. He drank some kind of poison--probably rat poison. What moves a young teen to such despair? How can one so young believe that life is so empty that the only solution is to end it?

The boy's plight is tragic, to say the least. His father is nowhere to be found. I think he left ages ago. His mother has to earn a living by selling second-hand goods and candies on the street. Those of you in developing countries may have seen such a scene. There are men, women, or children standing on the road, holding a bag of candy. They climb onto the buses or tap on car windows, offering their goods. You can get six pieces of hard candy for about 35 cents.

My sources tell me that while the mother sold her goods, the boy drank. A lot. He spent many days quite drunk, in fact. Where does a 14-year-old get booze? What kind of pervert would sell or give it to him? Better a millstone be hung around his neck!!

So this young man is in the hospital, recovering from a self-inflicted injury. I don't know if he will be the same again. His nervous system was affected. He was already losing his eyesight when we got him there. I am praying for a different kind of eyesight. I am praying for him to see hope in the midst of a miserable life circumstance.

With the bad news flowing around the world today, with men waving weapons and executing people at will, before destroying their own lives, with men and women railing at God, we still need to have a clarion voice that there is hope in Jesus.


GuyMuse said...

I don't know how much more sad and tragic news we can continue to absorb. We've had our share locally here as well. May God have mercy on us all. It almost sounds like the enemy sensing that our God is on the move around the world and trying to come against mankind with all he's got.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

You are very right, Guy. It's tragic. I asked a man today how a 14-year-old would get alcohol here. He said you can get a quart of the stuff for about 33 cents. He said the youth who drink like that make their money by stealing and other immoral things we won't mention.

The good news is that we are planting a church in his front yard, so to speak. We will shine the light of Jesus on him and let the Holy Spirit work in his heart.