Saturday, May 05, 2007

Things I Learned While Traveling to America

I am in North America today--Mississippi, to be exact. South Mississippi. The land of pine trees, catfish, and Baptists. I came for a variety of reasons, none of which are relevant to this post. So let me tell you what I learned while traveling to America; it might be interesting to someone.

  1. Traveling in coach has become interesting. The seats must be shrinking in width. The leg room is certainly smaller than it once was.
  2. The earphones are bigger than the seats you sit in. Sticking those things in your ears can be as painful as body piercings look.
  3. If you travel on a day flight if the person next to the window closes the window blind, you lose the best advantage of daytime travel.
  4. Be careful what you ask immigrations officials about their equipment. It could slow you down.
  5. I learned that many Americans have a steadily decreasing vocabulary. There were many who seemed to only know four-letter words.
  6. I was a confirmed and fully persuaded creationist. Then I saw the baggage handlers in the Miami Airport. Now I am not so sure....
  7. You can't get a Dr. Pepper on the flights between South America and North America. Never mind that they advertise them as a part of their stock soft drinks. What is this world coming to?
  8. Americans are some of the most generous people on the face of the earth. I listened with great interest to a man tell of building schools in Latin America. It's all done as donations to the countries they build them in. I listened to others tell of their contributions to world missions.
  9. Americans still know how to smile in the south.
  10. Americans still know how to cook in the south.
  11. Americans still know how to eat really big meals in the south.
  12. Northerners don't know how to eat grits and eggs.
  13. Many Mississippians love Jesus. They will go anywhere to serve him.

I have two more weeks in the deep south. Then it is back to South America. Pray for a positive response to the invitation to come and help us win that continent for Jesus.


GuyMuse said...

Amen to #8. Indeed Americans are by far the most generous people on the planet. And yet get so much criticism. I dare say if Americans backed off from being the giving people they are, the world would cry out in despair.

BTW, there are some southerners who don't know how to eat grits-me! I guess being raised an MK overseas has a lot to do with that one. But I do love good southern cooking. Enjoy it while you are there!

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


The only thing worse than not eating grits is pouring sugar or syrup on them! :-)

The generosity of our countrymen is impressive. I have seen an outpouring of it in different ways on this mobilization tour. God bless Americans for their tender heart!

Tim said...

Are you going to be in the Fort Worth area?

Tim Dahl

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


I am only flying through the airport. My return trip is a quick layover there.