Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pray for Peru

It's cold in Peru. At least 70 children have died from the cold. Temps will continue to be as low as -4 F (-20 C) for at least one more month.

Pray for this country and its nearly 29 million people.

That's bad. This is worse: Ninety percent of this country's people walk in darkness--not absence of electrical services. They walk in spiritual darkness. They bow to false gods. The worship the gods of the mountains, of the winds, of the water; they worship the gods of the trees, of the elements. They worship the sun. In many cases, they hide idols within their statues of the saints that the parade through the streets. They pray to icons, to images.

If one hundred percent of men and women in Peru died today, ninety percent would spend eternity separated from God. Ninety percent would be in hell. God wants that to change.

Pray for Peru.


John Gillmartin said...

Oh sweet Jesus, 27 million lost unless someone goes to tell them. If just 0.08 percent of the world's professing Christians (about 27 million) would adopt just one Peruvian unbeliever and commit his life to that unbeliever's salvation we would see the Kingdom eventually increase by untold hundreds of millions of souls.

Oh Jehovah Roi, show me what I can do?

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Yes, preacher, if we would do what you have suggested, what a change we would see!

I am persuaded that God will hear our cries for the millions of lost Peruvians.