Friday, September 28, 2007

War of the Worlds

We live in a place of constant warfare. All of us do, as a matter of fact. Physical wars aside, there are wars that take place in and around us that we need to remember. There is a war--a conflict with culture. If you are a committed follower of the Lord Jesus, and are not in conflict with the culture in which you live, there could be something seriously wrong about your concept of true Christianity.

We are at war with our own desires, too. They constantly pull us in different directions. As Paul said in Romans 7, the good I want to do is not what I end up doing. The evil I do not want to do is what do. I bet you can relate! I can!

We have a war with the forces of evil--with the devil. His forces are working against us.

So why was I surprised today when things began heating up related to my next volunteer group? Why was I surprised when certain entities in this country began seeking to shut us down and keep us from proclaiming Jesus all around the city? I don't know! But I was. I guess I took my eyes off the Master; off our Lord Jesus Christ.

I can't wait to see what God is up to. He must have something really big planned. The forces of the world and of darkness are working hard to stop us. Stay tuned. I will update you as I can next week.

Jesus is Lord. He wins the war of the worlds.

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Anonymous said...

How true that the enemy is always working against you. It is good that you identified it. Sometimes we here in Costa Rica forget. And that is exactly what the enemy wants, for us to forget that he fears and hates the expansion of God's kingdom. I remember when we were there in Peru last year. Jim and Sherry Neal told us that when a short term team was working in an area, someone was spreading a rumor that the Americans were there to steal there children. Obviously, many doors and hearts were cloesed to the Gospel and team as a result. Thank you for the reminder. John Pham