Thursday, September 13, 2007

When God Speaks

Divine Grace Baptist Church is in the metro Lima area. It's over 30 years old. They have never started another church.

In recent months God has been at work in Divine Grace Baptist. The pastor has been stretched. God is challenging him. Recently, they took a group down to Ica to help in the recovery efforts there. All reports about their team were glowing; they did everything possible to make a difference. Someone working there challenged them to consider adopting one community and making it their field. The pastor, a good man, but young, was reluctant. The missionary reminded him to see if God was speaking to Divine Grace. She told him to find out where God was working and recognize that as God's invitation to join him (thanks, Dr. Blackaby, for that lesson on faith).

So, timidly, almost reluctantly, the pastor asked the church what they thought about taking on three (not one; THREE) communities: two in the Lima area, one in Ica. He was not prepared for the response. Men and women, young and old alike, stood to their feet to pledge their support and volunteer to serve on the three teams.

My friend Gamaliel (according to one of his church members) was surprised by the response. It overwhelmed him. He discovered that God was speaking to His church even while He was speaking to Gamaliel.

And when God speaks we have a choice: we either obey or we run.

What will you do?

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