Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's Happening in the Earthquake Zone?

It's been a long time since I posted anything about the earthquake relief efforts. You can actually find regular updates at Jeff and Judy Hughes do a good job keeping things updated.

Here is what I know from my conversations with those working there: we have as many as ten outreach groups in and around Ica. God has opened so many doors via our regular daily efforts there.

The men have returned to work and are once again earning a living--albeit a meager one. We are at the point of wrapping up the food deliveries for the food kitchens. That part of the ministry will end soon. We will continue to provide breakfast needs to the kitchens for the many children, until the end of December.

Our big push now is in the area of cleanup. In all the department (equivalent to a state in the US) of Ica, some 320 thousand people suffered extensive damage to their homes. Most of those are in the city of Ica. We have regular teams coming in, mainly from South Carolina, to help with cleaning up the lots where the houses once stood.

Each time we help with something like this, it demonstrates that our Lord Jesus Christ is interested in and loves these hurting people. Yes, like all of us, they have sinned and fallen short of his perfect glory. Yes, they, like we, deserve to be punished for that sinfulness. And yes, Jesus Christ died for their sins, just as he died for yours and mine. Jesus wants them to know this. Jesus sent men and women to proclaim this in the midst of their pain.

And they are responding. We seek no glory. It's all for Jesus. We are just enjoying the ride.

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