Monday, November 05, 2007

The Silence of the gods

Today we were greeted with a major news story in the United States; no, not the one about Pakistan. That was bad. No, not the falling stock market; that's old news. Today we learned that "Hollow-wood's" writers went on strike.

Me, oh my! What will we do? The entertainment gods' personal priests have gone on strike for more money. Those scribes of pornographic comedy and immoral one-liners have silenced their voices.

All we will see for some time to come will be retreads and reality junk. And we are supposed to groan and writhe in agony? PLEASE! Somebody give them a lollipop and tell them to stay on strike awhile longer. Okay, maybe the idea of reality shows is a repugnant one. But the idea of these witless wonders staying on strike for a few weeks is so pleasant to my mind.

America, wean yourself from your entertainment gods! Go outside and take a walk.


Hunter Barrington said...

hey, long time no talk. I'd been busy for a while and it was hard to keep up with your blog but i did some digital reorganization and now im catching up... anyway

i liked this post :) made me smile. America really does need to learn to get outside more (myself included and i spend more time outside than most in my generation) and waste less time in front of the tv.

though i would caution on calling the writers witless wonders... i've known a few of those writers to be quite talented. I've realized of late that some of them are tired of America as well and can see the issues just as well as you and I. I've noted that on more than a few popular television shows the protagonist briefly make an aside to the audience asking them to spend more time with family or less time criticizing. Mostly though it has been satire.

anyways... just my 2 cents and I love reading your blog.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Hey, Hunter,

Great to hear from you. Your words are well-taken, but I still maintain that anyone whose sense of humor sinks to the woeful levels as seen in modern television has lost their true imagination and creative skills. The Word calls the man a fool who does not follow God, hence the word "witless."

I have had fun watching and listening to even the pundits on Christian radio groan over the reruns. Life is too soft in America!

Peace, good friend,