Friday, March 21, 2008

The Changing Face of South America

I just read an interesting blog that speaks of the changing face of South America. It is "penned" by Dr. David Sills, a professor at Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY. Dr. Sills spent time in South America as a missionary, but continues to make annual forays into that great and lost continent. Read his blog here; it will give you one more reason to pray for revival in our hemisphere.

KDS, Somewhere in South[ern] America


GuyMuse said...

Thanks for pointing us to David Sills article. It expressed a lot of the same things I am sensing these days.

The following is what I left as a comment on David's blog...

Thought provoking post that expresses many of the things that I too, as a missionary in Ecuador, am sensing all over the continent. Especially pertinent are your observations about missions agencies pulling out by the droves under the assumption that Latin America is "reached" and it is up to the church to bring in the remaining harvest. We need to be shouting that warning message from the roof tops.

What I would add to what you have written is that parallel to what you write, there is a surge of spiritual awakening, growth and harvesting taking place in LA like never before. Our own experience in just 2008 is almost more than I can fathom as to open doors, help solicited, evangelistic fervor, people expressing desire for discipleship and training, etc. It is like a giant tidal wave building and building. Eventually this wall of water will have to come ashore resulting in what I believe will result in LA becoming the new center of the Christian/Evangelical world.

Could this window of openness and opportunity possibly be our "last chance" to bring in the harvest before the winds begin shifting LA into the era you describe above?

It is for this reason that Satan is trying so hard to create your "perfect storm" of political, economic and Islamic forces coming together to offset what the Spirit of God is doing in these very same nations.

More than ever we need to be on our knees in prayer and out in the fields bringing in what could well be the final harvest. It will be interesting to see how things continue to take shape in the coming months. The church in LA is stronger than ever, but is she strong enough to weather the raging storm which is brewing as described in your article?

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


I believe that we are, indeed, approaching our final days--likely our last chances--to impact LA for Christ. Like you, I praise God for the awakening that we read and hear about from our fellow missys.

You have pegged it well: believers must have a prayer revival. The church will weather whatever comes its way, but only as we go forward on our knees.