Sunday, May 18, 2008


Signs are important. Some are not, to be sure; but most signs are very important. The message is there for a reason. Take traffic signs; they guide us in our high-speed journeys across the roads we traverse.

One man and his friend discovered a recently-collapsed bridge on a country road. So they made a sign and held it up for passersby to see. After the third car crashed into the creek below, one man looked at the other and asked, "Do you think we should change the message of our sign to "Bridge Out Ahead?"

I want to warn you of a bridge that is out. It's a new website called "" I have not read the content of that sign. But I did read about the owners: Penthouse Magazine.

I am stunned and sick to think that the porn industry feels comfortable enough to create a website aimed at Christians.

That bridge is out, folks. Here's my sign: Beware! Danger ahead!


ryanb said...

Wow. That's some crazy stuff.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

We should be concerned that there are those willing to work under the parent company that sponsors such destructive stuff. We need to examine all things, as Scripture says.