Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who Will Tell?

The world continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. The latest projections put the world population at 7 billion by 2012. That is incredible.

As it stands, China and India lead the world in population. The United States is a distant third.

I have not investigated it, but I strongly suspect the population explosion is outpacing our evangelistic efforts. That means that each day more and more people are dying lost. That means that Scripture is being fulfilled: hell hath enlarged herself (Isaiah 5:14).

Does God want mankind to go to hell? If so, why did he send his only son, born of a virgin, to die for a world that is headed to hell? God does not want to see this world go to hell. He wants you and me to go tell others about the hope that is in Jesus.

The world is growing. Who will go and tell them about Jesus?

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