Friday, November 14, 2008

Are You a Waiter?

There are tens of thousands of men and women, both young and old, that make your meal or other event a little more pleasant when you visit your favorite feed trough. That's what they are there for; they wait on you. They stand to one side (if not scurrying from table to table) and wait for your request so that they can serve you. Today they call themselves "servers" in many places. We once called this group "waiters." Because their single goal was to wait for your call and command and then fulfill it.

That concept is ancient now. The idea that someone would wait for another to give them direction has faded, perhaps due to the fast-food culture that permeates too many societies now. Not so, here. Even the fast-food places have people who will be your waiter. It's nice.

Gone with the concept of a waiter is the concept of waiting, too. Do you like to wait for that word from someone else? Do you find yourself frustrated with serving others? Moms once had to serve as waiters. Now with both parents working in so many places, there are exceptions to that way of life. [I did not say only moms should do that; it's just how things were.]

King David often spoke of waiting in the Psalms. He spoke of it as a privilege. He compared himself to a hand-servant waiting on his master. Our relationship with God should include such a concept. God is the King. We are the servants. He gives the orders; we wait on him to give them to us. And then we fulfill them in his strength and for his honor. It's not to be congratulated. Waiting is strictly for the honor of the one we serve.

Be a waiter for God today. Wait for him to speak and then do what he says.

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