Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eco-political thoughts about 2008

There have been some phrases and words used in 2008 that have become so cliche, I am sincerely hoping they disappear from our computer screens, mouths, and magazines.

One is the word "change." It was so ravaged by the politicians, that I am sick of hearing it. It's a catch-all word for those guys, that does not really mean what they think you think it means. For the politicians, the only change they want is a change in power; well, they got it, didn't they? We gave it to them. We believed them. But don't expect their use of change to change your quality of life; it probably won't.

Next on my list is "carbon footprint." What a contrived idea. Seriously. Every organic object has a carbon footprint. They all expend energy; it's part of life. Living things expend energy. Yes, "carbon footprint" is mostly used to describe your voracious appetite for, and expenditure of man-made energy. But this is in the mostly-debunked myth that man-made energy is a bad thing for the environment. What? You did not know that all the hooplah over global warming is just that? Sorry to spoil your day. My dog's carbon footprint just temporarily expanded by a natural expulsion of methane. Oops. TMI.

My top two are equally related: "green," and "global warming."

I once owned a green car and a green truck. Those were the colors. Now it takes on another meaning and you have to be very specific as to what you mean. Sorry if this upsets you, but it's an abuse of your good minds to be convinced to use that word in such an anti-human way. Yes, some of the most ardent defenders of the green concept believe that they can reclaim the earth by removing the worst influence: people. It's odd that they mean everyone but themselves.

As for global warming, too many conferences had to be cancelled in 2008; it was too cold to meet. There was one purpose for that phrase: to get bigger-government people in office, so that you would lose more control, pay more taxes, and have less responsibility for your own future. Don't think I am making this up. You have to read the bottom line that these guys have written. It's all about power, no pun intended.

I suppose I should be spiritual, or something, in this last post of 2008. I do, in fact, believe in global warming. It's prophesied in Peter. The earth shall melt with a fervent heat. I just happen to believe it will happen all at once, not gradually. What does that mean for now? Since we do not know when the Day of the Lord will happen, I suggest you forget the carbon footprint and follow the Creator's footprints. Jesus said to take up your cross and follow him. Those are the footprints you need to be focused on.

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