Friday, January 30, 2009

Can the Great Commission be fulfilled in our lifetimes?

I read an interesting article today. You can find the main article here. The main question the article asks is the one I used for a title. The short answer to the question is, yes. Key evangelical leaders see us having shared the gospel with all the world in the next decade, certainly in our lifetime.

How could we do that? Do we fly over and drop fliers and leaflets? Do we mail Bibles? What do we do?

The key to sharing the gospel with every person is not as complicated as we sometimes think it is. The key is obedience. And we are now seeing a groundswell of motivated believers around the world, heading out with Bible in hand, ready to share the good news that Jesus forgives and fills us with hope.

That is our purpose now. We seek to be motivators in South America. I met with 2 ladies just 2 weeks ago that feel called to go into the world, away from South America, to a people far away. One wants to go to Japan. She wept as she told me of her burden. Another had tears in her eyes as she spoke of reaching the Muslim world. There are others, too. God is calling. People are responding.

Pray for God to send out more laborers from South America.

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