Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't Sit Around Talking About It, Just Do It!

Southern Baptists formed a new task force. They are tasked with figuring out what's going with SBs and the Great Commission.

I have a piece of advice for SBs. Don't sit around talking about the Great Commission. Just do it! Don't talk about all your churches that baptized no one. Go out yourself and win more, if you can. Don't talk about the efficiency of your state conventions (which are not technically "yours," but partner groups), just go out and win some more to Jesus.

When your task force meets in Atlanta and in Arkansas in the coming months, forego the meetings; go out into the highways and hedges and compel more to come in to the great banquet.

Do what Dr. Paige did in Texas earlier this year: find a group of struggling churches and hold a weekend meeting with those good folks. Modeling a little bit of the Great Commission might be shot in the arm for some of them.

Too simplistic? Maybe. Maybe not. I am not convinced that our collective personal evangelism amounts to much. We have, albeit unwillingly so, yielded to the cultures that surround our cities and communities. If you listen carefully, many will tell you in so many words that you cannot effectively share your faith on a personal level anymore.

Evangelists; oh, professional evangelists, I call you to spend your days out with pastors (or alone, if they are too "busy" to go win the lost), doing what you can to preach; don't just wait for night to fall, and for the lights to come on so you can stand center stage and preach your polished messages.

Why are SBs having such a time with the Great Commission? Could it just be that we are so busy looking at form that we have forgotten that the very gospel itself is the power of God unto salvation?

Southern Baptists: JUST DO IT!


GuyMuse said...

Well put! Some of the same thoughts have been circling around in my head, but you have come out and actually boldly stated them for all who care to hear!

What we talk about in our local circles is if you do not have anyone you are currently witnessing and/or discipling, make it a priority prayer request. I can almost guarantee you that the Lord will quickly answer and open up an opportunity to be about the Great Commission--sometimes within the hour! The problem is we are distracted by all this other stuff and think someday we'll get around to actually doing the GC, but that day never comes. JUST DO IT.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


I believe you are on target. The problem is we are distracted. We are too distracted to see the task. What happened to Peter when the winds and waves distracted him as he walked on the water?