Monday, July 13, 2009

Seizing the Day

Sometimes you have one of those days. Sometime it can be one of those weeks. You know the kind. Things happen that just make your day, well, to be nice, exceptional. Sometimes it is beyond your control. Sometimes it is something you did.

Today was a combination thereof. Part was beyond my control. That little pill the doc urged me to take last night did not wear off when I needed it to. So things started late. The person who showed up late for his X-ray, causing the rest of us to be late, was not something I could control. But it threw me off yet another hour. It was lunchtime before I even stepped foot in the office.

Then, when I had the proverbial tiger by the tail, other unexpected needs surfaced. I thought I had that one timed well, but then came the small (but important) detail called "parking." The good municipality that holds jurisdiction over our office has decided we cannot park on the street in front of our office. I found myself riding around and around the block, seeing that priceless parking spot in a "legal" area. So once again I was behind the clock.

Now I had two choices in front of me. I could let the situation control me, or I could practice the first lesson every missionary ever learned: be flexible. While I was tempted to react to the situation, I began looking for an opportunity to use my time. But I can't afford to let my BP spike for no good reason. Turning the situation into a "God-moment" is one of the best things I can think of in those circumstances.

One thing we can do almost anywhere at all is pray. God is really amazing. He can hear our thoughts. He delightfully listens to us. God takes joy in hearing you pray. Did you know your prayers are incense before the throne? Yes, when you lift your voice, it rises before the Lord as a sweet smell.

We can also meditate. We can think on God's word, tossing it about in the corners of our mind. Like a piece of butter candy you can turn the word over and over again, wondering about the significance of that precious morsel God has given you. He will whisper its meanings to you, for God delights in sharing his ways with those who seek him.

Next time you find your day seized by the time mongers, take advantage of it. Next time you sit in a traffic jam, turn off your audio book, turn off your cell, turn off your music, and use the time to speak to the Lord, or to let him speak to you.


Lynelle, Joe and Jairus said...

Did God hook you up with a good parking spot after the refocus? :)

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

absolutely....NOT! Wilfredo was so concerned he paced the sidewalk so he could keep an eye on the RAV.

Good to hear from you!