Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Attempt to Destroy Your Freedom

One thing that the world enjoys, and has so for more than a decade, is this amazing thing called the internet. The world wide web changed how the world communicates. I have had comments from readers on the other side of the world. I have noticed site markers from people on almost every continent. This has truly brought to pass what Daniel said in his prophetic book; knowledge has increased and runs to and fro about the world.

That is why when I read this story on CNET's site, I was very concerned--for America, at least. The idea that any one man can unilaterally seize control of the internet and shut it down in the name of a cyber security emergency is beyond the scope of reasonable government. Do you know where the internet gets shut down? Try places like Iran and China--places where the government feels threatened by free speech.

Granted, it has been demonstrated to an extent that there could be kooks out there who can hack into a system and control it. There are many who can and do use the internet for fiendish means. The idea that extreme pornography is permitted so freely, for example, is disgusting. But our courts, though wrongly it may be, decided that such trash is an acceptable form of free speech. In short, the internet is a tool that has been used for any number of purposes. But many, many people use this tool for good, not evil.

What is the danger of such sweeping powers for the president? He can be persuaded, or decide for himself, what constitutes a cyber-security emergency. What if he decided that speech against the socialistic healthcare bill was an emergency? What if he decided that disagreement with his economic policies was an emergency? What if he decided that your personal blog was a threat to national security?

I am not especially surprised to see such an attempt to further control America. As America has turned its back on its foundational Judeo-Christian beliefs, America has sought a replacement for the vacuum that this created. Secular humanism, socialism, and any number of false religions have all rushed to fill that void. It is, unfortunately, an inevitable step that America will take if this great country does not repent and return to the Lord Jesus Christ. Our founding fathers insisted that the only way for America to thrive was to do so as a Christian nation. Repent America. Repent.

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