Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jude: A Letter for Today

I am in the process of preparing for a spiritual retreat. My part includes teaching the little letter of Jude. The more I read and meditate, the more convinced I am this little letter is as relevant as the day it was written, way back around 30 years after the death, resurrection, and some 40 days later, the ascension of Jesus. Time after time, the apostles had prophesied that a group of false teachers--apostates--were on their way. These men and women were unscrupulous perverts. They knew the truth and rejected it wholesale. They used their gospel for gain. They thought only of their immediate pleasure. They laughed at the idea of their impending judgment. Ungodly men. Ungodly women. People who mocked God, who mocked God's people, who made a mockery of Christianity had slithered under the cracks of the doors and become a part of the church. Some stand in the pulpits. Some sit on the benches. Some teach Bible study. Some sing on the praise team. All are condemned and headed to hell.

The message is hard to hear. It penetrates the fanciest of veneers that we can cover up with. Perhaps that is why so many scholars have said it is one of the most neglected messages in the entire Bible. Or perhaps those who believe it is due to its brevity are the ones who are right. It does not matter why; this little letter needs to be read from every pulpit around the world. These 25 short verses should be heard again and again. Take the time to read it today. But be ready to search your heart when you do.

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