Sunday, October 18, 2009


The weekend was everything we had hoped for, and then some. While the world continued to debate all those issues that seem important to it, more than 45 of us gathered together in a small retreat center, where we concentrated on the true things that matter: things like lostness, salvation, ways to get the message out. Those things occupied our minds.

Now that is not unusual. In our line of work, it is our passion. We think on these things almost daily. What made it unusual were the 45 who sat there. They ranged from age 18 to 70. These were women and men from different parts of the country. Almost all were poor; they barely had enough to pay the small registration fee for this retreat. Yet, each one sat there trying to figure out exactly how to get from here in South America to the farthermost parts of the world.

Yes, these very poor men and women are men and women who feel a strong need to be involved in foreign missions. Some feel the call to go, others just feel the need to be mobilizers. All agreed, however, that now is the time that South Americans rise up and take the baton that we are passing on to them, and heading out with the greatest message ever told to any man.

The significance of the weekend is seen in the approximately 25 who surrendered to go, no matter what. They are ready and willing. Now, if we can only find ways to send them....

It was truly, wonderfully indescribable. It was a God thing. It is a new day for this fledgling evangelical work in Peru.

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