Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When Personal Beliefs Become Hate Speech


I am now a potential criminal. The President will sign into law a new Hate Crimes bill. What does this mean? Well, some say this bill will spell the end to prejudice against a certain group within the United States. But those who understand God's word also understand that this piece of legislation has created a wall of protection around those who choose to live an aberrant lifestyle. Yes, people, scientists have debunked the genetic myth surrounding homosexuality and lesbianism. It is a personal choice. But now it is a protected personal choice.

I fear the domino effect will shortly follow. If this type of perversion is now protected, why not pedophilia, bestiality, polyamory, and even necrophilia? Do you believe this is a stretch? Google the words; you will find hundreds of sites, along with scores of protests to legitimize every form of perversion I just listed. Now some jerk of a lawyer who thinks with the wrong organs will get the bright idea to use this Hate Crimes Bill to slither up under the umbrella of its perverted protection.

If America's Christians do not exercise some intestinal fortitude and begin again to aggresively evangelize the United States, we will see the end of our freedoms. And maybe that is what we need to begin to grow. But it is coming. Just wait. You are not far away at all from having your Christian beliefs to labeled as hate speech. God have mercy on America.

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