Thursday, December 03, 2009

Enough, already!

Okay, guys; I am sick of it. "It" refers to all the press coverage of Tiger Woods' personal junk. While what the man apparently has done is repugnant and indicative of an unregenerate nature, I don't think it is any of our business. But you cannot turn on the tube, or go online to any news site without seeing extensive coverage of his dirty deed. Please, if we did not have such a morbid sense of curiosity, such a desire to dig up dirt on any and everyone we can, we would not be facilitating the media's desires to publicize this garbage. But we love to read about it, we love to see stories on it, so we foment the gossip.

Yes, gossip. True or not, it's gossip. Gossip is poison, ladies and gents. Gossip is unbridled tongues that wag faster than my dog's tail. Gossip is sipping from a teacup filled with sewage water. God hates it. And God loathes our hearty approval of those who engage in that, along with a long list of other sins (read Romans 1 and you will see).

Some argue that people like Mr. Woods are public figures, and therefore have no private lives. Wrong. My single right to Mr. Woods' life is what he does publicly, unless he personally invites me into his private circle. All of us are public figures to some extent; the size of our public is the difference. Our influence is the difference. Do you believe we should apply that same standard across the board? Shall we contact the local media and report our gossip on one another?

With that in mind, I have chosen to ignore all news articles and broadcasts that spread this poison. It's not "news." It's trash. God help Mr. Woods and his wife to heal their relationship. God help them to find forgiveness in Jesus Christ. God help us to learn to ignore such junk.

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