Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Look Ahead

I don't really want to do what so many others have already done, which is philosophize over all the opportunities that the new year will give us. But I am going to, anyway. That being said, I want to lay out a challenge for the few that read this.

You now have 363 days left to be able to do at least one good thing for someone else during 2010. 363 good things. Now that won't open a single door in heaven; Jesus Christ is the door and you cannot crawl in through the window. But what a difference it will make around you.

You have 363 days you can tell someone about Jesus. If even one person turns to Christ during those 363 days, you will have done more than most.

You have 363 days left to pray for others. We are good about praying for ourselves. But what about praying for others? Do not underestimate the power of the One who answers prayer offered in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

You have the opportunity to give out at least 363 smiles. There was once a song that said,

Give the world a smile each day
Helping someone on life's way...

A friendly smile may make many suspect you are up to something. But believe me, a smiling person is much more delightful to be around.

You have 363 days left to laugh at least once a day. Did you know that the Bible says that laughter does good, like medicine. Do not be afraid to laugh at the right things. It will heal your body of a lot of ills. Go see a good comedy. Read some good jokes. Laugh.

You have 363 days left to tell the Lord how grateful you are for his inexpressable love. Tell God you love him. Then live like you do.

You have 363 days to look forward. Do it. Don't spend your time looking backward. You can't accomplish a lot if you keep looking over your shoulder. If you have to spend your time like that, you probably have something you never resolved. Resolve it to the best of your ability and move on.

I am looking forward to a great year. It will be great because God is great. The Father is great. Jesus is great. The Holy Spirit is great.

Looking up,

Kevin, in South America

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