Monday, September 06, 2010

The Big Question in Christian Circles: Is Glenn Beck a Christian?

Americans have been going round and round about Mr. Beck, an active Mormon and very famous talk radio host. Is he or is he not a believer? I can answer this accurately for all who wonder: I don't know.

Mr. Beck has stated emphatically that he is trusting in the atonement of Jesus Christ for his salvation. The trouble is, Evangelical Christianity and Mormonism mean two different things about atonement. Dr. Al Mohler agrees: "You're having the language, but you're not having the definitions here," he noted.

Consider the following: Mormonism teaches that the primary place of atonement by Christ Jesus was in Gethsemane, not at Calvary. The New Testament, however, teaches that the atonement occurred on the cross.

Additionally, in which Jesus does Mr. Beck believe? The Jesus of the Bible? Or does he believe in the Jesus of the Mormon books? The Jesus of the Mormon literature was not conceived by the Holy Spirit; rather, Elohim came down in human form and had sex with Mary. Also, the Jesus of the Mormon literature was a polygamist.

That's not the Jesus of the Bible.

If Mr. Beck, a former Catholic, will answer clearly that he is trusting the full work of Jesus on the cross, not on his having sweat blood in Gethsemane, we can assume a break from the Mormonism that has gripped him for several years. If he will affirm the Jesus of the Bible and publicly disavow the Jesus of Mormon literature, perhaps we can accept his testimony.

Remember this: the devil will say anything to deceive you and dilute the power of the church in this world.

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