Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Are We Surprised, Part 2

In my last post I spoke of issues that has brought America to the point we are. I promised to make some and salient points regarding America and world relations. Please indulge me as I plead with America to look at the bigger picture.

Our nation has had three world-wide activities that I believe has produced the depth of blessing that has been ours. First, our nation has, since its inception, been a missionary nation. We have not hesitated in calling men and women out to go into the world with the gospel message. We have been increasingly diligent (perhaps until recent years) in our support of those men and women. America's Christian Church has been an example of obedience to the great commission. God has blessed this. God has smiled upon us. As we share the gospel message in all the world, God will supply our need to do so.

Second, our nation has been generous in sharing its abundance with other nations. We have not been selfish. We have been--and continue to be--a generous nation. When disasters strike in other nations, Americans are among the first responders. When famine has hit, we send food. When plagues and diseases assail, Americans respond with medical personnel and aid. America will readily offer to share its blessings with any nation, regardless of their political opinion and policy. It is born out of the Christian roots that shaped this nation over 200 years ago. May God continue to move us in that way!

Third, our nation has been a friend of Israel. Yes, that small, seemingly insignificant nation in the Middle East has had as its friend the United States of America. This is more than political. This is from the wisdom of God himself. Our Lord tells us that God blesses those who bless Abraham and curses those who curse him and his seed.

So long as America has done this, we have been blessed. In recent years, however, reaching all the way back to the late 1970's, we have shown increasing ambivalence when it comes to blessing the offspring of Abraham. Our most recent policies seem to favor Israel less and its Arab neighbors more. This is a dangerous policy. We must pray for our leaders to act wisely. I do not believe our Lord will grant us continued blessings if we insist on marginalizing those people through whom all his blessings have come. Yes, all his blessings have come through Israel. In case you have forgotten, Jesus Christ is of the house and lineage of King David. The Old Covenant was given to Moses; the New Covenant came through the blood of Jesus Christ. Any way you look at it, your blessings come through the offspring of Abraham. To spurn them is to risk the anger of the Lord God.

Discerning Christ-followers should not, therefore, be surprised when they hear that things are not well in America. To ignore our Christian heritage, to weaken our nation by compromise within the church, to curtail missions giving and thereby reduce the missionary force around the world, and to risk a policy shift regarding the nation of Israel--any of these things weaken America in more than one way. I pray we remember and repent while we can.

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