Sunday, December 18, 2011

Advancing the Kingdom of God

Christmas is a lovely season for so many reasons. Gift-giving aside, the family time and renewed friendships is a great blessing. Today we saw some who were home visiting family. It was a delight to hug their necks and shake their hands. My great surprise was to be able to eat lunch with them and many others from the classes of one of our Bible Study departments.

For me, however, I think the most joyful thing about this time of the year is the opportunity to participate in the advancement of the Kingdom of God. I am speaking about missions giving. We were blessed to serve on the front line of missions for some twenty years. Now we are back in Mississippi, where we are encouraging others to head out to the front lines. And we are encouraging others to step up their financial participation.

Our small church has never been stingy; but they gave their largest offering last year. This year we have given the second-largest to date. Perhaps we could have done better, perhaps not. I only rejoice that we have given a significant gift for the glory of God and the advancement of the kingdom.

More will hear the word of God because of this. More will believe because someone gave. More missionaries will have needed supplies. More families will have needed support. Logistical support will be eased in some cases. The list goes on...

Be a part of advancing the kingdom of God by giving, going, and mostly praying. Be one of God's warriors for his glory.

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