Thursday, May 10, 2012

On The American President Coming Out of His Closet

The U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama, has done what most felt he would do at least by the 2012 election. He has come out of his closet and thrown yet one more brick at the Christian foundation that made the U.S. what it was before it chose to move to a post-Christian philosophy of life. This president, a man I did not vote for, a man I openly opposed as a threat to the spiritual well-being of this nation, has finally demonstrated that no price is too great for him to buy votes to continue his anti-colonial socialist policies that he has worked so hard to put into place. His homosexual constituents threatened to withdraw their dollars and support if he did not throw marriage to the dogs; yes, dogs. The Bible likens sodomites to dogs in the Pentateuch, saying that they could not enter the tabernacle under any circumstances. Their wages as male prostitutes could not even be spent there. But here in America they can buy votes for the highest office in the land.

I do not fault President Obama alone. We had a strong moral shift in this nation during the twentieth century. We baby boomers were the most complicit when we proudly proclaimed that all organized religion was no longer a part of our value system. Perhaps rejection of organized religion looks good on the surface, until you discover that meant, in general, Christianity in its many denominations. New Age religions, Eastern Religions, Scientology, etc., were all very acceptable. But Christianity became anathema to America's baby boomers.

The ensuing result was a moral devolution. The decline of morality included a rise in open sexual freedom. Open sexual freedom included tolerance of many forms of sexual expression, including homosexuality. The decline of morality resulted in the decline of the value of the traditional family: mother, father, and children. Our desire to cast off restraint included a shift in the philosophy of marriage for life. The new watch word was (is), "Till divorce do we part." In short, we created a chaotic vacuum within the home. Marriage and family, thanks to cheap sex and quick divorce, was no longer valuable.

Fast-forward to now. For many years now you have witnessed on television and through other media the intentional attempts to indoctrinate you, the stupid American (according to the moguls of the media), to the homosexual and free sex lifestyle. You are too happy and too weak to worry about the destruction of this nation.

They sell you short. May President Obama discover that he has found his magic bullet. But may he discover that with that magic bullet he shot the balloon that holds the prize of being voted out of the White House.

Voting that man out is only one step. If you want to see America rise from the ashes, you will seek the Lord God with all your heart. You will turn to the Lord Jesus. You will repent. And you will urge others to do the same.

God have mercy on the United States of America.

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