Monday, August 13, 2012

Has Judgment Begun on America?

I have been reading the latest news with interest. I have also been reading blogs, books, and by-lines of people far more capable than I to express an intelligent opinion. Some of those authors have been very positive about this nation's future. Some have been so pessimistic I want to find a cave to hide in--one far, far away from here, lest fire fall from Heaven, or lest I turn into a pillar of salt if I unwittingly look when the fire falls.

Regardless of those authors, there are authors that have gripped me; these men have me riveted on what they have to say. I am referring to the Prophets and historical writers found in the Word of God. They have much to teach us about God's mercy and God's righteous judgment. These men have shown us overarching principles--principles that some choose to ignore when it comes to their opinions about how God operates in the 21st century. After all, they reason, the prophecies and writings refer to Israel, right?

Let me point out first of all that God did not ignore the non-Jewish nations. He states more than once that his cup of wrath is full regarding this nation, or that nation. Sometimes he sent Israel against them so that they would be his arm of punishment. Other times God would allow them to attack Israel to perform a two-fold purpose: one, that attack would fill their cup of rebellion to the top and God would then punish them for that. Two, this would chastise his chosen nation for their ways. In short, no one escaped the righteousness of God. No one.

Fast foward three thousand years. God has not changed. America, though, has changed. America took a decided turn away from biblical principles sometime shortly after the 20th century. God continued to show mercy. God continued to warn America. I believe one reason for this mercy and warning was the fact that for the longest time America was the principal sending nation for foreign missions. And God was pleased with that work by the church.

Things have cooled off, though, in the past 20 years. We are slipping away when it comes to sending out men and women to share the gospel. Nations have begun to reject the Americans that try to enter. What happened?

One chief sin that America continues to ignore is that of abortion. Do not think a nation that condones and protects the right to murder babies will escape the judgment of God. The 54 million babies we have slaughtered since 1973 cry out in indictment against this nation. We have had more than one opportunity to stop this. Our courts have protected the murderers from those who would seek to challenge Roe v Wade. After all, that's big business we are speaking of. And what the courts have not been able to protect, Congress and the White House have. We have to protect our living friends, right?

The right to privacy that coaxed the courts to condone murder is the same right to privacy other groups used to protect their sin. So now the sinful deeds of men who love men,  of women who love women, of men who love boys and little girls--these deeds are largely protected under the privacy act. Our latest immoral stand came when the White House declared that these men and women must have the same right to marry as everyone else.

Can anyone else hear the wine of God's wrath reaching the top of the cup?

What has been the result? Take a look at who will run for office this year. Take a good look. The princpal party winners will both disapprove of my words at this point; you may, as well. But we have no choice. We have not even a professing Christian in the mix. To be sure, when it suits him, Mr. Obama professes Christianity. Put his version of Christianity to the light of God's word; you will see that the version he calls Christian is called a false religion when examined with the word of God. It is poisoned with liberation theology, a perfect fit for his healthy dose of anti-colonial socialism that originated in the African continent and was passed on by his supposed father and others that impressed him in earlier years.

Then there is Romney, the Mormon. He, too, would prefer to be called a Christian. But his Christ is another god--not THE God. The Mormon doctrine claims we can all be gods. There are a lot of would-be gods out there; we don't need anymore, thank you very much! Examine Mormonism with the word of God and you will certainly find that their brand of Christianity is false, as well.

Let me get to the point: we have no godly choice for president, not even in the smaller parties. I think the reason for this is that the judgment of God has left us with this choice. How do we want to be punished as a nation? Do we want a post-colonial socialism to take over this nation? Or do we want the plague of materialism--of an amoral capitalism--to further consume us? These seem to be our choices, neither of which are very good.

So let me give you another word for what we must do, America: repent! Repent now and perhaps God's wrath will be stayed for a few more years. Peter wrote, "Now is time for judgment to begin, and it must begin in the house of God." Repent, Christ-follower! Repent, repent, repent!

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