Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where I've Been...

It's been over 3  months since I posted anything in this blog. I needed the break. I was in cyber-information overload. Good bloggers don't quit. They post more and more. I guess we know what that makes me...

It's time to say something. It's time to catch up. So let me tell you where I've been.

I've been to heaven. Yes, I said heaven. No, not like the little boy who authored a book about heaven. I went like the rest of you do, if you go there. I went in my prayers. I guess I could have and maybe should have said I have been praying a lot. But it sounds better to tell you the focus of my prayers is the throne room. I felt the lightest brush of the hem of our Lord's garment a time or two. I heard the sounds of praise. I sensed the glory of God--albeit from a distance. What a place to be.

I've also been to Peru. I went there weekly. Yes, in my prayers. I stood beside stalwart men and women of God. Men like Wayne, Roy, Victor, Tommy, Phil, Don, and my old buddy Manolo; women like Debbie, Beth, Margarita, Lisa, and Amy. People who have given their all to serve the Lord were the objects of my prayers. I went to the great Andes and to the mega-cities of Peru. I rode the streets of Lima, Arequipa, Huaraz, and a host of other places. I stood on the roadsides, looking at village after village that needs the gospel witness.

I've been to Brazil, Mexico, Kansas, Georgia, and Virginia. I have been to several cities in Tennessee and Mississippi. I have been to New Orleans. What joys awaited me there as I prayed for my friends around the world.

I've been to Washington. I wish I could say my prayer travels there were joyful. They are not. I grieve for this once great nation. We gave up greatness for gold and glitter. Our greatness was found in our submission to the Lord Jesus. Now we toss his name about with disdain and mockery. Our greatness was found in our love for life. Now we kill our babies and call pregnancy disease (read all about it in the Affordable Care Act) so that we can force abortive pills on religious groups.

In a moment I will travel again. Our wonderful church family has entrusted us with the great task of praying for their needs. We called that day, "Lord, Move My Mountain!" We promised to pray every day for 30 days for the needs they placed before us. So I, along with my staff and our prayer ministry, try to do just that. I fear we may be praying weakly. But if we have faith even as a mustard seed, oh, the things God will do!

I urge you to get on board this faster-than-sound spiritual ship and take a trip yourself. You will enjoy the ride. And you will discover just how good life really is.

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