Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Looking back to be able to look forward

Early yesterday, I sat in a local hospital to check in for a minor procedure. As I looked down at my watch, contemplating being out before local traffic had even cranked up, I realized that the time and the date carried some real significance for us.

So when we finished with the registration desk, I turned to Pam and asked her if she knew what the day meant for us. She looked with one of those looks wives can give their husbands and slowly said, "Nooo..." I reminded her that 3 years ago on April 9th, at 6:40 CDT, we were in Atlanta, clearing customs to reenter the United States. We had left behind our 20-year careers as missionaries to assume a new career as pastor of the great 38th Avenue Baptist Church, nestled midtown, in a southern city.

Over the past 3 years I have preached and taught more than 800 times. That is just the beginning. I hope to preach and teach more than 150 times a year for then next several years. But that is not an end for me; I look forward to watching God change lives, save souls, and grow Christ-followers into mature men and women.

Even that is not the end I seek. I live to please One and only One. While my ministry is with the people of God and the world at large, my primary audience and source for inspiration is the Lord Jesus Christ.

It took a moment of looking back to be able to look forward. What about you? What spiritual markers dot the paths you have walked that may point you to paths you have yet to walk? Take a look back; it may help you continue to look forward.

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