Friday, October 14, 2016

America's Lose-Lose Election Is a Win-Win for the People of God

Let me be clear: I will vote, Lord willing, on November 8th. I will not shirk my privilege that so many died to let me have. Our nation is the most unique in all of history--at least known history, from the Romans to today. So, not to vote, not to take advantage of this unique privilege, is a travesty perpetrated upon the lives of those who enabled this great nation to exist.

That being said, this is the election that appears to be a lose-lose election for the United States of America. On the one hand, we have a lying, cheating, power-hungry candidate who will stop at nothing to win. On the other, we have a lecherous, leering, loud-mouth who will stop at nothing to win. Both will tell the public whatever they believe they need to in order to be elected. Both will wave the excrement-filled diapers of the other. Both engage in a level of vitriol not seen in our lifetime. I understand from some history sources that some 19th Century candidates were equally vicious towards one another. That time period notwithstanding, we are acting like lawless, barbarous, buffoons.

Deep lines appear to have been drawn in the sand. Did I call those lines? Perhaps it would be better to call them crevices. There is a fast-growing divide that threatens even the church. I seldom agree with men like Glen Beck; but he has said it well when he said that this election has injected poison into the church. Take what Mr. Beck says with a little salt; but know he has made a good observation.

For those among us who say that the future of the nation is at stake; that if the candidate currently leading in the polls wins, we will have set a future of activism from the judicial bench and socialism from congress and the White House, I agree. We are on a dangerous path. And we do well, as a church, to warn against it.

For those who tell us to keep our opinions to ourselves and let this play out according to the Sovereignty of God, in part, I agree. No one, neither you nor I, will change the sovereign plans of God. He is Narnia's Lion, who does what he wishes. It is not my business to guess what the sovereign plan of God is for the United States and then vote to make that happen. But to be quiet and let things play out is a stoic fatalism that does not characterize true Christianity. Christians must be a voice for righteousness.

So, barring something heretofore unseen, there will be an election on November 8th. And one of two ill-fitted candidates, both of whom John Piper said should drop out, will be elected. And for America, the choice is not good. Period.

But it is a win-win for any and all who follow the Lord Jesus Christ. Why, some may ask, would I dare make such a statement? Let me explain, please. If God hears the cries and prayers of many Christ-followers who have prayed for years for God to stop this tide of unrighteousness that characterizes the laws of this land, then perhaps that means this nation will slowly turn away from the legalization of so many sinful things. Perhaps we Christ-followers will see this nation survive a few more years so that we can continue to send out men and women to the lost around the world (which is one of the primary reasons, I believe, that we exist in the first place).

If, however, God allows the unChristlike forces to prevail, then it may mean that the church will have to shine more brightly than ever in the darkness of American society. I believe many, if not most, churches will be even smaller than before, because many will leave the church in disagreement over its clear moral stance. I also believe, though, that such a "purging" will present to the world a clear choice. There won't be such a confusion of the fabric of culture and the fabric of Christianity.

And who knows? It may also be that such a loss portends the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. It could be that the unChristlike forces win because Jesus is about to rapture the church from this world and prepare us for His coming kingdom.

Any way you look at it, for Christ-followers this is a win-win time.

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