Sunday, August 13, 2006

Living in the Light of Code Red

I flew the day after we all heard the words "Code Red." We watched in alarm as they showed long lines in airport after airport. No one wants to embark on a trip with that kind of chaos waiting for the traveler. Not even the airlines wanted us to fly. They offered to let us postpone our trip, to wait. All the signs said, "Don't travel!" But we did. We needed to get back to South America.

We went to the airport earlier than we normally would have. We waited longer than we wanted. But we arrived in our South American city safe and sound.

The security agents were the most nervous. I suspected that there were more air marshalls on our flights, too. Two men parked themselves in front of me, one sitting and one standing off to the side; they somberly and intently watched me and my 15-year-old daughter. I mean, they watched us for several minutes and were unashamed to do so. I was tempted to stare back, but my mother taught me better. Common sense said don't do it, either. If they were federal authorities, I did not want to give them a reason to say anything more to me than the hellos that we exchanged.

Some are put off by the increased security. I am not. I am glad for the concern for my safety. I don't mind spending a few extra minutes going through the checkpoints, unpacking and repacking my carry-ons, and all the other things that must happen to make us safe. I am grateful that, behind the scenes, agents are walking among the baggage, checking that out as well.

I also have a spiritual lesson in this. Peter told us to be on the alert; our adversary prowls about like a lion, seeking whom he may devour. Paul told us to do all we could and take our stand. We must be those spiritual air marshalls, those security agents, watching carefully lest the forces of darkness penetrate our lines and wreak havoc among us. We must rise early and stay up late, defending the weak and strong alike. Our arena is the halls of prayer.

We must go in armed with the Word of God. We must be in full uniform, putting on all the armor of God. I wonder how many times I have gone to battle with only part of my armor in place? We must be diligent and dress for the battle at hand.

Why? Souls are at stake. Eternity is ahead of every man, woman, and child with whom we have contact. Ours is a far greater, much more serious, and a farther-reaching battle. It's the battle for the soul of man.

Today the world lives in the light of Code Red. Christians have lived there since Jesus rose from the grave.

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PHICKS said...

Thank you for the reminder of our warfare. I often ignore this fact, I suppose in hopes that if I don't bother them (spirit world), they won't bother me. But we have a task to do. And they don't want us to succeed.

On the other hand, the sky marshall watching you reminds me of God's spirit watching and ready to assist us in our need.

The most needed reminder you give us, "Souls are at stake!"

Thank you again for the message.