Friday, August 25, 2006

The Pied Piper Is Playing Our Song

I watched America slip this week. No, that's not right. I watched America skip happily down the road this week. The trouble to me is that it's not a road I want to be on.

This week the FDA approved what is known as "Plan B." All kinds of people are hailing it as a wonderful thing. Even our so-called Evangelical president supports it. You can read about it here. It's almost a non-story. I am not seeing much dust in the air over it. Few seem to be lamenting this disastrous decision. But they should.

Please let me paint the picture with clearer strokes. Suppose your teenaged daughter or son decides to become sexually active. Many are; may yours not be among them! As a result of their foolish choice to circumvent God's perfect plan, they decide they need extra protection. They can now go to their local drugstore and purchase a pill known as an abortifacient, now known as "Plan B," and ensure that a pregnancy does not occur. They don't need a prescription if they are at least 18. It's an OTC for them: over the counter.

The proponents of this stupid action by the FDA insist that one must be 18 to purchase it. Well, duh! Do they think that teens under the age of 18 don't have friends over the age of 18 that can make that purchase? If so many have friends over 21 who purchase booze for them, why do we think a little hurdle like an age limit is going to present a deterrent for those hormone-driven children that seek it?

I fear dire consequences for America at large. I fear an increase in pre-marital sex. I fear a rise in STDs, including AIDS; after all, we can now engage in unprotected sex with little fear of pregnancy. Worst of all, I fear that God will turn his back on America, close his ear to their prayers, and remove what little hedge of protection we have left.

The Pied Piper is playing our song! Our children are marching, skipping, and dancing happily behind him, completely unaware that their end is close upon them.

May God turn us back!

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