Thursday, May 31, 2007

Calling Out the Called

I am in a major missions conference this week. It is with my friends from the Christian and Missionary Alliance churches. I was floored when they asked me to participate in this conference of mega-proportions. I was humbled even more when I sat with the other two principal speakers. I felt like a small child amidst "giants" of the faith. These two men are Davids, armed with a sling and smooth stones, going up against Goliath and his brothers. I came with a pea-shooter, by comparison.

The two men and I will each speak at least thirteen times in a total of 6 different churches; that's twice in each church and once at the missions fair. We will challenge men and women to give, go, and pray. We are calling out the called. And some are responding. It is my sincere hope that someone will close the conference with an invitation to publicly repsond to the call to missions. I believe God wants to mobilize the good men and women of the CMA churches to go into all the world.

Last night I taught around two thousand men and women about what to do when one is called to missions. So now that I have said that, let me ask my friends who may read this: what would you tell someone to do who felt called to missions and/or ministry? I am interested in hearing your opinions.

Also, someone asked me last night, "How do I know if I have been called?" What you you say to that question? How would you respond?

These are exciting days in South America. God is raising up a mighty army to storm the gates of Hell all around the world. I am humbled beyond words to know that I have been able to play a very small part in His plans.


GuyMuse said...

What a fantastic opportunity you've been given. I am not surprised they asked you to be part of this emphasis knowing your heart for missions and the Lord. God is indeed moving to raise up an army of laborers for the harvest. We have a young Ecuadorian man who, Dios mediante, will be headed your way in August to work with the Xtreme team. We are working hard to raise his support. I believe he will be the first of several to answer God's call to make disciples of Judea, Samaria, and ends of the earth.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


It is a wonderful opportunity. I have had good interaction with our brothers and sisters from these churches. I sense a real hunger for the work of God around the world. I also sense that among our youth in the Baptist churches with whom I work. It's us old codgers that keep getting in the way!