Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Here Am I! Send Me!

They gathered in small groups. Some stood with their heads bowed, tears coursing down their cheeks. Others wept openly, shoulders heaving with the sobs that came between gasps for breath. Some stood stoically, but resolutely.

This scene was repeated no less than six times in my presence. Others witnessed similar scenes unfold before them.

In all, I think the final tally of the recent missions conference will reveal that close to one hundred men, women, youth, and at least one young boy all answered the call of God to be on mission with him. Some will stay here, but find ways to be involved in their church's missionary endeavor. A few will go to some foreign land. A few will cross over the mountains and minister in the Amazon jungles.

None will ever be the same again. God spoke their names. He whispered into their hearts and called them out. His Spirit nudged them forward. I suspect some were pushed along; I know I was 23 years ago. I hope I am not the only hard-head left in the world! I suspect others were slowly led to this point of commitment. For some, it was the first time God had spoken to them and they responded as soon as they heard. God bless them for it!

None will ever be the same again. Not even I, and I was one of the messengers. All of us said, "Here am I, Lord! Send me!"


Jonathan said...

What a great post! I loved the passion you brought out. For me, I was nine years old when I heard the call to missions. And I was seventeen before I went on my first mission trip (one of those ten-day youth deals). Nowadays, I wouldn't have it any other way. How could I possibly consider another road?

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Thanks, Johnathan. Like you, I would not have it any other way, though, unlike you, I was much older before I heard the call. Still, the joy is incomparable. Peace, KDS