Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blessed Are the Persecuted

This is not what I intended to write today. But I just read a news story that I feel compelled to share. It's about defacing a Nativity scene in Oregon. In case you do not read the story, let me give you the first paragraph: "Vandals stole baby Jesus figures from two west Eugene nativity scenes early Thursday and left severed pigs’ heads in their places. Police are calling it a possible bias crime."

The act was heinous. The desecration revealed the souls of some very sick people. If a joke, it was a sick one; think of the children who may have witnessed that scene.

As bad as the act itself was, the last two words were what caught my attention: "bias crime." In our PC world, if this had happened to any other group it would have been a hate crime. If it had happened to those claiming certain immoral sexual freedoms, it would have been a hate crime. If it had happened to certain other religious groups, it would have been a hate crime. If it happened to certain ethnic groups, it would have been a hate crime. But it happens to families celebrating Christ's birth and it is called a bias crime. What is wrong with that scene? Who chose to soften the reality of this crime?

What's more, according to the reporter, the police did not seem to consider the act worthy of response--at least initially. They were content to take reports over the phone. The act seems to convey the message that crimes against Christians are not important enough to respond to. Christ's prophecy to his disciples is being fulfilled: "if they persecuted me, they will persecute you also." - John 15:20

My point is succinct: if it is hatred towards others, called it hatred towards Christians, too. Don't apply a double standard.

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