Thursday, December 06, 2007

In ?? We Trust

Agnostics and atheists want to expunge God from America's motto and pledge. Yes, Mr. Newdow is back in court. He thinks that the name of God has no place in America's life. He would have us remove God from public life.

Much like his predecessor, Ms. Murray-"O"Hairy," Mr. Newdow suffers from the delusion that the courts will give him control over America's implicit trust in God. Given that he is working through those infamous Californian federal courts, that may happen on a temporary basis. Then wiser minds will prevail and things will revert to its historical normalcy once again.

Mr. Newdow reminds me of my daughters when they were around 18 months old. We would play hide and seek. My daughters would cover their eyes and, to them, they disappeared from our sight. No one could see them! Then suddenly they would uncover their eyes and there they would be once again. Mr. Newdow's fallacy is not unlike that. He believes he can expunge God from American life by hiding the motto, by removing the name of God from the pledge, by attempting the silence the voice of Christians and Jews who happen to believe those words. Cover his name and God disappears. God was here before the motto and pledge, and God will be here long after, should it ever be removed.

Or perhaps we should only replace it. With what would we replace the name of God, Mr. Newdow? Allah? Self? Buddha? Krishni? With what?

If the likes of Michael Newdow, whose right to protest is protected under this nation's constitution, do not wish to tolerate my belief in God, then may they find an island and start their own nation.

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Frank (or Chip) said...

Kevin and Pam,

Though this has nothing to do with this article, we just want to let you know we love you and pray you a blessed Christmas.

Frank and Julie Lamca
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