Friday, January 18, 2008

Making the Most of It

We just returned from watching The Bucket List. Language aside, it was one of the finest movies Hollywood has produced in a very long time. The pathos alone runs too deep for words.

The premise of the movie is how to spend your remaining time on earth. Two older men, as different as night and day, discover they are dying. One begins to make a list, called "the bucket list;" what to do before you kick the bucket. So these two men set out to do what they wrote on their list. We laughed and cried as we watched this great movie. It's such a good movie I think most movie critics will give it low marks (which is part of how I choose my movies; if they like them, I usually don't; and if they dislike them, I usually like them).

The movie is very thought-provoking. So let me ask you: what would YOU do if you only had a year left to live? How would you spend that year? I faced that question tonight. I have faced it before--not because of anything that has happened to me, but because of others I loved and respected who were given the news that they had a short time left.

Will you end those last months with peace in your heart, a peace that only comes from knowing the Lord? Or will you be like the fool who says, "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we may die?"

The bottom line of my list is this: I want to be pleasing to the Lord Jesus Christ. Whatever I do, I want to do it for his honor and glory.

In fact, I try to live every day as though it were my last one...


Laney said...

i miss ya'll like crazy. we are at AGM and it just isn't the same. i love ya'll and i'll see u soon-- 1st week of june probably.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Hey, girl! We miss you, too! We saw Jerrod the other day. He said he and William were sad they did not see you when they were in Lima, working for me.

Have fun down there. When you see the Wolfpack from Chile, tell them we said hello.

Love you!