Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Starting Over

There are pros and cons to a new year. One thing against it is that inevitable sense of aging that some of us feel. I don't feel older when I look in the mirror, though I should; I feel older when I look at my friends who are my age! When did they turn grey!? When did their hair fall out!? I feel older when I see something physical I really want to do, know how to do, and then discover that now that I am not 20-something, my muscles won't do it.

One thing in favor is the chance to begin some things again. So there is one thing I am doing; I am beginning to count visitors on this site again. It begins from zero. I installed a new counter. I have cleaned the slate. I have forgotten that which is behind, so to speak. [Oh, there are other things I am beginning again; but those are between me and the Lord.]

Some of those reading this had a lousy year. You messed up. You have been at the bottom of the pile, looking up and wondering if there is a way out. There is.

Some feel like a flock of pigeons flew over you and, before you could get out of range, they bombarded you with a vengeance. Before you knew it, you were unpleasant to be around. Like fighting with a skunk, you may win; but the stink stays around. And you are wondering if there is a way to get out from under that. There is.

It's the beginning of January. Begin again. God's mercies are new every single morning. He is ready to throw a big party for you, if you will "come home." Even if your "problems" are the result of someone else's wrath, vengeance, stupidity, hatred, carelessness--whatever, you can open the cage that binds you with the key of faith in the Lord Jesus. Jesus is ready to help you begin again.

It's time to start over.


La Zarza said...

Chevere. Bien dicho Dr. Shearer. Thanks for the encouragement. I'm the Little Rock dot by the way. [that's a pretty sweet little map thingy]

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

How's Little Rock, Dr. Zarza?

Thanks for the good words. It's a blessing to have friends who encourage one another.

Hug the bride and little zarza.


Anonymous said...

hey, it's Junior here. I like reading your blog. It's pretty encouraging. It is indeed a new year and I know for sure I need to start over. Hope all is well!

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

Hi, Junior!

Happy New Year. Yes, the great thing is we can trust in the Lord's guidance for the days that await us.



DavidS said...

Even though there is much on the negative side of the scale that is still facing me, I am excited about this year. First Sunday of the year, first conversions and Baptism in 13 months. Church is literally dying (many funerals in 07), but even with a dying, aging, fixed income congregation, they gave double what they have ever given to Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions ($3,069) with 105 average in Sunday A.M. worship.

Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...

We knew that, withouth the infusion of "new blood," your church was on the way down, did we not? You have a real task ahead of you: faithfulness to the Great Shepherd. Just love on those folks until Jesus takes you elsewhere!