Tuesday, July 22, 2008

There Is a Season...

Twenty days is too long without posting my thoughts. I apologize. Time has a way of moving on, regardless of one's intents and purposes. And, for all intents and purposes, I had to be moving with it.

July has been one of those months that holds all kinds of surprises for us. Shortly after my last post, my future son-in-law was out driving; it was late at night. But anytime, almost, is a good time to be riding a bike. One time that is not good for riding a bike is when a deer runs out in front of you. And that is what happened to Tracey. The deer lost, but so did Tracey.

We thought that was going to put everything on hold. But we went on with our plans, knowing Tracey was well cared for.

Our journeys took us to Baltimore for my nephew's wedding. There, Pam and I celebrated 28 years of marriage. My nephew and his bride were married on our anniversary. The entire weekend was one of celebration for us.

We returned to MS to prepare for yet another wedding: my 2nd born's choice for a life partner was the man who met a deer late one night. In spite of his broken ribs and other injuries, the couple, blinded by the prospect of love and marriage, went forward with their plans.

Off we drove to Destin, FL for the big event. Kim always said she would marry on the beach. She had her dream wedding. We stood on the beach, wind blowing, waves crashing, and curious beach-combers standing off, watching the curious scene. There, the happy couple tied the proverbial knot.

Needless to say, she made a lovely bride. But then, I am prejudiced; am her dad.

I am looking forward to another wedding. It's the wedding between Christ and the church. I long for that day when Jesus comes back for his church. Some doubt that day will ever come; I don't. I hunger for it. I want to see Jesus in his glory step out from the clouds and catch us up to be with him. What a glorious day that will be for those who look for his coming. What a frightening day for those who ignore the imminent return of the Lord.

But upward we will be carried; and there, in the presence of the angels, we will celebrate the marriage supper of the Lamb. Saints of all ages will be there. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John will be there. Barnabas and Mark will be there. Paul and Silas will be there. Spurgeon, Moody, and so many others will be there. Men and women from every tribe and nation will be there. The celebration will be beyond our comprehension.

There is a season for everything. This includes the return of our Lord Jesus. Amen.

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