Sunday, October 19, 2008

America, Others Are Praying for You!

We went to church today, as is our custom. Praise to the King of kings resounded in the small building where we had gathered. Some tried to clap with the music, played quite well by a small band of musicians. Others lifted their hands in praise. Occasionally one or another would cry out their Aleluyas to the Lord. It was moving to be there.

Then came the very good message on being involved in the missionary task. The pastor preached with pathos, pleading with us to get on board and go with him to win this country and the world for Christ.

Then, as the service ended, in the pastor's final prayer, he shifted gears and prayed for America. He prayed that we would once again return to a positon of power through virtue. He prayed for justice. He prayed for America to once again have spiritual power. Men and women all around us cried out their agreement to what Samuel prayed.

The current economic and political situation weighs on many around the world. But believers in the Lord Jesus Christ know that the right and best answer is found in repentance and return to the Lord. And they are praying for America.

Take heart, America; others still love you enough to pray for you.

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